What items should I send with my child to camp?
Your horse lover should arrive in the clothing they plan to ride in. I suggest long pants, a boot type of footwear with a hard sole and a small heel. The small heel is a safety feature which will help prevent their foot from slipping through the stirrup. We also require an ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) helmet for safety. I encourage campers to bring a backpack stuffed with an extra pair of shorts ( after riding we will cool down during other activities), a towel (pony baths get the kids pretty wet!), sunscreen (we try to ride most of the time in the covered indoor riding ring to stay out of the hot sun), any other types of lotions, lip balm or insect repellent in case of a sensitivity to the hot sun or insects. Please pack a lunch fit for a king or queen! Being in the stable all day gives the kids an appetite like a lion! I suggest plenty of water and nice light meals. If your child has any type of food allergy please let me know! If for any reason you forget to pack a lunch or drinks, no worries! I always bring extra food and drinks in case our busy parents forget their rider's lunch at home. Please mark your child's backpack, towel, riding boots, sneakers, etc. with their first name and last initial.

Drop off & Pick up Procedure
On the first day of camp I encourage parents to drive all the way to the stable so you can see where your rider will be spending the best week of their summer ! ! ! After you park, we will greet you and take your rider to hang up their backpack and put their belongings in their spot. Payment for the week is due at this time. Payment may be made in the form of check, cash, or Venmo. Once your child signs in you may leave for the day and plan on picking up at 3pm. For the rest of the week you will see our Camp Team as you enter the driveway. Campers will be dropped off at the top of the driveway and escorted down to the stable so you don't have to park your car and you can drive right back out again. The same plan for pick up! Just drive in the driveway and your rider will be packed up and waiting for you with our Camp Team! I respect that some parents may have a busy day and be limited on time. I do my best to make everything easier for you dwing drop off and pick up times

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 Daily Fun
 Your rider will enjoy riding each and everyday! Your horse lover will learn stable management, Riding and fun on horseback, feeding and nutrition~ tack and their purpose, veterinary clinics, blacksmith visits, dentistry work, horse show preparation, sports, arts & crafts, nature hikes, movies time, course designing, pony bath and grooming, bareback riding, theater time with horses, decorating horse shoes, and so much more!!!

 Payment &  Refunds
At Greylyn Fann a camp deposit is not necessary. Once you send in your camp application, you are in Greylyn Riding Camp. If your summer vacation plans change and you can't stay for the whole week of camp, no problem! You will get a refund for the days that your rider does not attend camp. If plans change and you decide you would like to come to camp just a few days of the week, no problem! Just pay for the days your camper attends. Life can get busy. Plans can change. At Greylyn Farm, I want you to know we are here for your child to enjoy the love of horses and we are flexible!

 What do I do after my application as been sent?
 After you have filled out the online application and liability release form your rider now has a confirmed spot at Greylyn Farm for Summer Camp. If you have any other questions please email me (Rachael) @ or text me 484-566-9440. It works better to text me since most of the day I am teaching, training or riding!

 Greylyn's Amazing Horses
 My #1 most important goal is the safety of your child. Your child's safety begins on the back of our horses. My horses are part of my Greylyn family. I choose them because of their calm and patient personalities. I've owned most of them for years and I would never part with them. Many of these horses also teach my weekly riding lessons and have won Championships at area horse shows. Please remember them when packing your child's lunch! Apples, carrots and peppermints are a few of their favorite treats!

 Greylyn Appreciates You!
 THANK YOU for choosing Greylyn Farm for your child's summer camp! This is our 42nd year of Greylyn Farm Summer Riding Camp! We LOVE our campers and look forward to spending the summer sharing the amazing gift of these magnificent horses with children who also love them.